William Henry B12 Indivisible 18/25 limited edition

The Spearpoint 'Indivisible' features a beautiful frame in hand-carved sterling silver by Lee Downey, inlaid with a beautiful wood scale from the very last of the famous 13 horse chestnut trees planted by George Washington in Fredericksburg, VA.

Washington planted the trees at Fauquier Street to represent each of the existing colonies and to provide shade for his mother and sister as they walked to and from each other's houses.
The wood featured on this knife was reclaimed by Historical Woods of America.

The blade is 'Wave' damascus steel with an extra strong core in ZDP-189; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with sapphires.

A remarkable design that gives you an instrument with a full-size secure grip, and a versatile deep-belly blade, the Spearpoint epitomizes William Henry’s core philosophy – that superlative function deserves to be elevated to superlative art.
The ‘Indivisible’ features the artistry, hi-tech, and hand-forged metals that are the hallmark of William Henry's collections; a distinctive personality statement to be worn and used for a lifetime.