Diamond Sourcing

Diamonds are not a commodity; they are a gift from the earth and a symbol of enduring beauty and strength. Our selection is unmatched for its beauty, quality and value.

We recognize that it’s important to buy diamonds with both your heart and your head. Just because a stone has a certificate does not make it beautiful. We are dedicated to offering the most beautiful diamonds available and we take the time to help you make the best selection to fit your budget and diamond desires.  

Truly understanding the 4C’s takes a little time and practice, but when we have finished you will feel very confident in your purchase and know you got the best value.

We carry Hearts On Fire diamonds- the most perfectly cut diamonds in the world. 

Our unparalleled resources for finding special stones- including antique cuts and colored diamonds means we can find the exact match for your vision. Contact us for more information.

We repair and re-cut diamonds.