Estate Planning

One of the joys of owning fine jewelry is passing it on to the next generation. Make it more meaningful with our estate planning service. 


The Sort

If you have a few items (5 or less) that you are curious about, stop in for a complimentary opinion. We can determine the ‘real’ from the costume- the valuable from the fun and you might just discover a family treasure you didn't know you had.   

If you have a collection of jewelry and don’t know which items are fine jewelry and which are costume, this is the best way to start. We help you sort out the rhinestones from the diamonds and assist you in determining which items require formal written appraisals. 

The Sort offers no specific values or documentation - verbal descriptions only - you are welcome to take notes.  

This appointment must be booked in advance and is $250.00 per hour with a one hour minimum (fees may be waived at the discretion of the appraiser.) 


The Story

We are glad to include your family and personal history to our insurance appraisals preserve the history for future generations. ($15.00 per item in addition to the appraisal fee.)


Equitable Division Counseling

By appointment only ($250.00 minimum for first hour, $200.00 per hour after.) We sort and organize the items and counsel you on which pieces require fair market value appraisals. This is a wonderful time to add a family history to the written appraisal