We Buy Gold & Silver

Everyone has that pile of broken gold chains and single earrings in the corner of the jewelry box.  Bring in your unwanted or broken gold, platinum and sterling silver jewelry for an estimate to sell.

We will gladly help you sort your things and determine which pieces can be sold as jewelry and which are worth only their ‘metal’ value.

We pay off of the gold rate at the moment of the transaction, price quotes change daily with the market.  You need a valid Driver’s License or State issued ID, and must be 18 or over.  All gold will be tested while you wait, and you will be paid on the spot.

Here are a few examples of what we buy: Gold, Silver, and Platinum jewelry (in any condition), Diamonds, Class rings, Dental gold, Mismatched earrings, Broken chains, Sterling jewelry, Sterling flatware, sterling silver ‘fancies’ trays, Ring sizing pieces, Gold coins, Silver coins, Gold filled jewelry.

*Diamonds: some will not be eligible for purchase if they fall outside of our normal quality standards.